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How to know when you need an X-ray

There is truth in the saying that your body will tell you when something isn’t right.

If you or someone you love has taken a nasty fall or slip that leads to injury, the level of pain is a good first indicator of whether an X-ray is needed right away. If taking even few steps or moving the injured limb causes a lot of pain, it is time for an X-ray. If you cannot put weight on the leg without extreme pain, an X-ray is needed.

Other signs that you may need an X-ray include bruising and discoloration around the injured area, swelling, or any indication that the injured area looks different or deformed in any way.

An X-ray may also be needed immediately if you are experiencing chest pain or severe abdominal discomfort. If you are experiencing chest pain, go immediately to your nearest hospital emergency department or dial 911.

Severe sprains or muscle strains can be very painful, but injuries of this nature do not necessarily require an X-ray. An IEP provider will make a thorough examination of the injured area and prescribe a treatment plan that may not require an X-ray.

If the injury happens during a time when you cannot visit your primary care physician, come see us at IEP Urgent Care. Each of our locations have digital X-ray equipment. We can quickly diagnose the injury, immobilize the injured area, and prescribe the appropriate medication and treatment option. By avoiding a hospital emergency department, you will save time, money, and help hospital providers concentrate on patients with much more serious injuries.



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