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Help your kids get ready for the 2023 school year

middle-school students in a classroom on the first day of the 2023 school year

Even though there’s still plenty of time for family vacations, trips to Cedar Point, and all the things we love to do during a Michigan summer, now is a great time for you to help your child get ready for the 2023 school year. Here are four important things you can do right now:

Schedule a sports physical at IEP Urgent Care – A sports physical does not replace an annual complete physical with your child’s primary care physician. However, if your son or daughter simply needs a sports physical certificate to participate in school sports, come to any of the eight IEP Urgent Care locations in metro Detroit, anytime, no appointment needed. We’ll provide a thorough sports physical examination, and you can get that item checked off your list quickly!

Adjust your child’s sleep schedule now – Experts recommend that you gradually adjust bed time and wake-up time by 15-30 minutes each day a week or two before the school year begins. This gradual shift will help the body’s internal clock, making it easier for students to fall asleep and wake up on time when school starts. As you adjust to this new sleep schedule, be sure to create a calm environment and no video screen exposure at least an hour before bedtime.

Talk about the upcoming school year – Some school years are an easy transition. Others bring new challenges, changes, and opportunities. Now is the time to have conversations with your son or daughter about how they are feeling about the 2023 school year. If your child expresses any concerns, you can understand and start to help right away. You may also wish to discuss and encourage participation in any extra-curricular activities that might interest your son or daughter and enrich their school year.

Schedule a visit with your child’s primary care physician – if you have not done it yet this year, make an appointment for that all important complete annual physical with your child’s primary care physician. They will have a complete medical history and can administer any needed vaccines or boosters.


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