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Help for Your Summer Burn Concerns

children holding sparklers

At some point in everyone’s life, holding a lit sparkler and running around in the dark is the coolest experience ever. It’s so cool that advertisers regularly show kids running around with sparklers as the very best feeling of summer. But sometimes that hot wire can cause a burn! Here’s our quick guide for treating a minor summer burn and how to know when you should seek medical attention.

If you experience blisters and pain, fever or see redness that extends beyond the initial burn area, or if the burn is larger than the palm of the victim’s palm, do not disturb the blisters and come see us at any IEP Urgent Care location right away, no appointment necessary.

Otherwise, most burns will heal without further treatment. For minor burns, we, along with the American Burn Association recommend the following treatment at home:

  • Immediately remove all jewelry, watches, rings and clothing near the affected area

  • Cool the burn with with cool, not cold water for at least five minutes

  • Do not use ice, as this may cause skin damage

  • Do not use butter or any other ointments

  • Do not break blisters - allow them to heal on their own.

  • Take ibuprofen or acetaminophen for pain relief as directed

  • You may wish to loosely cover the burn with a sterile bandage or clean cloth

  • Staying well hydrated helps your body in general and helps your burn heal faster

  • For small burns, you can apply lotion that contains aloe vera, which aids the healing process and provide comfort



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