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Get your home ready for a safe and healthy holiday season

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

If you are planning to on hosting family and friends, there are several important things you can do now and on the day of your event to make sure everyone stays safe and has a great time. We created a holiday home safety checklist so that when your guests arrive, you can entertain safely and confidently.

Be careful with electrical connections: as you begin to decorate, make sure all cords are tucked away. Don’t overload your circuits with too many indoor or outdoor power strips. If your home’s electrical panel has not been inspected lately, or if you're not sure it’s up to code, consider having it checked.

Keep an eye on your tree: if you are planning on bringing a live tree into your home, make sure to keep it properly hydrated and well away from any heat source or open flame.

Get your fireplace ready: if you’ll be using an indoor fireplace, have it cleaned and inspected, and make sure it is properly vented.

Have a working fire extinguisher in the kitchen: should there be a grease fire or any other kind of fire in the kitchen, having a working fire extinguisher nearby might ruin your meal, but will certainly save your home from burning down.

Take extra precautions if deep frying a turkey: we know it’s delicious, but frying turkeys is a leading cause of fire and injury during the holiday season. If you are frying a turkey, make sure you are following every recommended safety guideline.

Use sanitary wipes or other disinfectant on “high touch” surfaces: before your guests arrive, wipe down all door and drawer handles, bathroom areas, and light switches.

Consider using disposable paper towels in the guest bathroom: and make sure there are facial tissues available.

Consider asking guests to make sure they have a flu shot and have had their most up to date COVID vaccine: IEP Urgent Care does offer the flu and latest COVID vaccine at all our metro Detroit locations.

Clear your walkway and driveway: be prepared with proper snow removal equipment and deicers for your driveway and walkway. Make sure your walkway and driveway are well-lit.

Declutter: before you start decorating, go through your home and remove anything that might get bumped into, could be a trip hazard, or could cause something to spill.



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