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Enjoy Fireworks Safely: Essential Tips for this 4th July Holiday

fireworks display over the water

Fireworks are an important symbol of celebration for many Michiganders during the summer holiday season. However, they come with inherent risks that require careful handling and precautions. To ensure that your celebrations remain joyous and accident-free, it’s important to follow some key safety guidelines.

Remember, if you've suffered a burn or other firework-related injury, any one of our IEP Urgent Care locations is equipped to treat you quickly, no appointment needed! Here are some common-sense fireworks safety tips to keep in mind this year:

Leave Fireworks to the Professionals - Go See a Public Display

This tip is so important, it really should be the only one! There are literally hundreds of professionally-designed public fireworks displays all over the state of Michigan during the week surrounding the July 4th holiday. The folks producing these displays are licensed professionals with the expertise and resources to safely run a spectacular fireworks show and mitigate any risks. You'll never match such a display at home, and you can relax and enjoy the show knowing you and your family is safe.

If you still decide to purchase and use fireworks at home, here are a few additional things to keep in mind to keep things safe:

Purchase Fireworks from Reputable Vendors

When buying fireworks, always choose licensed and reputable retailers. These vendors adhere to safety standards and offer high-quality products. Avoid buying from street sellers, parking lot tents, or unauthorized sources, as their fireworks may be substandard and unsafe.

Select a Safe Location

Choose an appropriate outdoor location for your fireworks display. Ensure the area is spacious, away from buildings, trees, and other flammable objects - consider the possibility of hot embers falling on your neighbors's roofs! Ideally, use an open field or a designated fireworks display area to minimize risks.

Wear Protective Gear, and Have Water Ready

Personal safety is paramount. Wear safety glasses and gloves to protect yourself from potential hazards - it's easy to burn a finger or get a stray spark or ember in your eye. Avoid loose clothing that can easily catch fire. When lighting fireworks, never lean over them, and maintain a stable stance to prevent accidents. Prepare for emergencies by keeping a bucket of water, a hose, or a fire extinguisher nearby. This allows you to quickly take care of any unexpected fires. For minor fires, douse them with water immediately. If a fire grows out of control, don't take any chances and call 911.

Watch Your Kids, Watch Your Pets!

Keep children and pets under close supervision around fireworks - it's easy for either to wander into the path of danger without understanding. Don't let small children handle or light fireworks. Consider keeping dogs indoors - they are sensitive to the sounds and vibrations of fireworks and can become scared or agitated.

Sparklers Aren't as Safe as You Think

People tend to treat sparklers very casually, even allowing small children to handle them, but the lit tip of a sparkler can burn at temperatures of 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit - hot enough to melt some metals. Touching a lit sparkler to skin can result in a serious burn, and dropping one can easily start a fire. The sparks can also cause burns and eye injuries. Treat sparklers with the same precautions as you should all other fireworks.

Protect Your Stash!

We'll leave you with this video from Fox6 News in Milwaukee, which shows how quickly a small mishap and poor planning can escalate into danger. Always keep your fireworks stored safely, far away from the area in which you're lighting them. This video is a list of everything you shouldn't do this 4th of July!


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