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Coping with Fall Allergy Asthma Symptoms

Female doctor holding an allergy asthma inhaler

Fall is a beautiful time in Michigan, but if fall allergies cause you to experience an asthma attack, see us at any of our eight IEP Urgent Care locations right away.

We will provide immediate relief and prescribe a prescription rescue inhaler that is sufficient to subdue any mild asthma attack. We can conduct an initial assessment of your symptoms and suggest follow up treatment. For more severe symptoms, consult with an allergy specialist who can help you identify your specific allergy triggers and offer a more robust and personal treatment plan.

Everyone reacts to fall allergens differently. They can trigger asthma symptoms and attacks ranging from easily treatable and infrequent to something more serious. If fall allergens cause you to develop asthma symptoms, take these steps to actively avoid them:

· Wash your hands often

· Avoid going outside on windy days

· Avoid lawn work if possible

· Keep windows and doors closed

· Use a whole house or room based HEPA approved air filters

· Replace the air filter in your home heating/cooling system every six months

· Consider getting a high performance air filter attachment to your furnace

· Vacuum frequently

· Keep the inside of your home well ventilated to prevent moisture and mold

· Make sure your outdoor gutters are free of all debris



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