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Now is the time to prepare for 2023 allergy season

For those of us who suffer with seasonal allergies, the spring season can be a miserable experience. For years, experts have advocated for starting a medication plan based on your allergy profile as soon as February.

Dr. Daniel Heinen, IEP Urgent Care emergengy physician

“Starting your treatment early prevents your symptoms from becoming so severe that they are then difficult to treat,” said IEP Urgent Care emergency physician owner Dr. Daniel Heinen. “By starting your medication regimen early, you are helping your body cope with the onslaught of allergens that are popping up everywhere.”

Allergy season now starts closer to the middle of February rather than the middle of March. In Michigan, we’ve had the warmest and driest winter in years. A recent in-depth story in Axios Detroit reports that our winters are, indeed, warming up. This is causing our spring allergy season to begin earlier and become more severe. As reported by WDIV-TV, a University of Michigan study finds that climate change is causing allergy season to start earlier and last longer.

Since your allergy symptoms can change over time, its best to have an annual review with your primary care physician. You can always come see us at any of the eight IEP Urgent Care locations in metro Detroit. No appointment is ever needed - we can assess your allergy symptoms, call in your prescription, and get you started on a treatment plan right away.

You’ll be thanking yourself in April when you have your symptoms under better control and can enjoy another beautiful Michigan spring season.



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