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Diagnosing and treating fractures and sprains

child with a skateboarding injury

Whether you actively play sports, run around with your kids, or simply slip and cause an injury, sprains and fractures can happen anytime. Here’s how to treat a minor injury and know when it’s time to seek medical attention:

If you are in a lot of pain, see an open fracture, or can clearly feel that something is not right, seek medical attention immediately. All eight IEP Urgent Care locations feature onsite digital x-ray and lab capabilities. Our emergency trained providers can assess your injury, provide a clear diagnosis, prescribe pain medication, and refer you to a specialist if follow up care is needed. If you do suffer a fracture, we will immobilize the injured area.

For minor sprains and strains, the RICE method is widely considered the best way to treat your injury:

R = Rest

Take it easy. Do not put any pressure or exertion on the injured area.

I = Ice Use a cold pack, ice wrapped in a towel, or anything you have handy, and apply it to the injured area immediately. If you want to be prepared, purchase some pliable cold packs that you can store in your freezer and have ready. These are an excellent addition to every home medical arsenal.

C = Compression

Use an athletic bandage or similar product you can purchase at any local drug store to wrap the injured area. Having athletic bandages in your home before an injury occurs is also a wise investment.

E = elevate

Whenever possible, keep the injured area elevated above your heart.

Depending on the severity of your injury, recovery may take a few days or much longer. If you feel that your injury is not improving, see your primary care physician or come see us at IEP Urgent Care.



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