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FREE Sports/Camp Physicals

We are offering free sports/camp physicals (a $25.00 value) now through September 30, 2023 exclusively at IEP Urgent Care Ferndale.


Free sports/camp physicals are by phone appointment only at (248) 246-0141


Unfortunately, we cannot accept walk-ins for free sports/camp physicals.


A sports physical is used to determine your son or daughter’s fitness to participate in a school athletics program or camp experience and is not intended to replace a recommended complete annual physical examination for your child.

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What Our Patients Say


Professional compassionate medical care


On-site Digital X-ray and testing diagnostics


Extremely clean offices and safety protocols


Owned and operated by Independent Emergency Physicians

We are board-certified emergency medicine trained physicians dedicated to providing you with a higher standard of care at each of our IEP Urgent Care offices. When it’s not an emergency, we offer a timesaving and cost-effective alternative to a hospital ER.

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