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RAPID COVID-19 Testing in Novi

Our Novi location offers tests to detect current COVID-19 infection including the PCR Swab test and the Rapid Antigen test.  We also offer the Antibody test to detect prior exposure to the virus. Our new Rapid Antigen test is a swab test that detects current COVID-19 infection, just like a flu or strep swab test.   

Our improved antibody test has 100% specificity to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Discuss options with one of our healthcare professionals and see our new FAQ on all testing options we offer at IEP Urgent Care Novi.

No appointment required for COVID testing


IEP Urgent Care Novi
27204 Beck Rd, Novi, MI 48374

(248) 513-3719

Novi Covid 19 Testing
Novi Covid Rapid Antignen Test



Who it's for:

  • Symptomatic patients

  • Occupational medicine

  • Preoperative screening for urgent cases

  • Return to work for healthcare & essential workers


Processed in the office with results in 15 minutes

It is the patient's responsibility to know if an institution accepts a Rapid Antigen test or if a PCR test is required.


Who it's for:

  • Asymptomatic exposure to someone with or suspected COVID-19

  • Return to school

  • Travel testing*

  • Previously positive patients requiring a negative test

  • Asymptomatic patients

  • Return to work non-essential workers


If you are seen before noon, we will likely have your results back the same day. 


Otherwise, it usually will take 24-48 hours from when the lab receives the sample (not from the time they are tested), but in some cases may take up to 72 hours. 


Who it's for:

  • Patients suspected of having COVID-19 in the past and recovered


Sent to lab for processing with results in 5-7 days

for Travel?

*If COVID testing is required for travel, it is the patient's responsibility to understand what form of testing is acceptable for their specific travel plans.

Please visit Travel.State.Gov to learn more about country-specific COVID laws and requirements.

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